Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Honey Im Home!

I have neglected this blog big time, not cool I know but my final year of uni took it out of me, and then I graduated and then I lost myself. There really are no excuses and I am truly sorry that I didnt keep up to date with it. I pinky swear that I am going to do my absolute best to try and blog, i really enjoy it and i don't know why I ever stopped. A lot has happened since March 2012 and I will write a little catch up post. Hopefully this blog will help me keep up to date with myself and serve as something I can commit myself too. At the point you find me in my life, many things are changing, not all good and not all bad. The re-birth of the blog will mark my new the I hope to be full of exciting and beautiful things that I will share on here!

Goodbye for now, but not for long..
Your old friend Abi..x

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