Tuesday, 31 January 2012

2012 so far..

 On New Years Eve I made a huge list of things that I wish to accomplish this year, and i am proud to say....so far so good. It has been a rather productive beginning of the year for me, I have been busy with various projects both in university and out! Lots of doing, seeing, talking, thinking, reading, visiting, baking, photo-taking and the list goes on... I have got a feeling the 'Year Of The Dragon' is my year & I am determined to follow through with all of the plans i have made! 

I must admit, I have not been as devoted to my blog as I would have liked and it is on the list as something I must pay more attention to. I am aware my past posts have been heavily based on my photography but I feel the best way ensure consistent posting is to not limit the blog to a specific theme. So Darcy&Luella will become more of a lifestyle blog, where I post about what I am doing/liking/thinking etc. I am in my fourth an final year of studying Fine Art at university, so I will most probably be spending a lot of time talking/moaning about my work. For me the most appealing blogs are those that cover a range of topics so hopefully that will make this a more interesting read!

This year I have had my trusty Moleskine diary and notebook with me at all times! I am a huge stationary  fan, and it is important for me to enjoy what im writing in. Even though pieces from the Moleskine range are fairly pricey, for me its totally worth it. I love the quality of the paper and the format of the diary is perfect for planning and visualising my weeks. They also come in handbag-friendly sizes so you can take them everywhere!I have been having lots of girly chit-chat coffee dates with dates with my flatmate Zoe and we have been treating them as mini conferences where we make plans,discuss our work,future projects etc & I use my little Moleskine to scribble down all my notes !

Well there it is, my first post of the year! I dont want to give too much away as I have lots of exciting future posts lined up! So fingers crossed for Darcy & Luella in 2012, its going to be an exciting and busy year and I promise to keep you updated with all the shenanigans here! 

I know we are already 31 days in but good luck for 2012!

See you here soon..

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  1. I love notebooks and starbucks...: ) and notes, notes are so fantastic!

    p.s is your name really abi? as in a-b-i? because that's how i spell my nickname too! if so, wow...! I've never met another abi before : )


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